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Many different groups play an important role in healthy eating and healthy lifestyle education, planning and promotion. Whether you are a dietitian, school administrator, teacher, community representative or member of another group, these resources can assist you with your plan or program.

Find resources related to Food Policy and Food Security, or see the resources and tools listed below.

Featured Resources

About Healthy Eating

The Meaning of Healthy Eating in British Columbia is intended to provide a consistent understanding of healthy eating for the purpose of developing policy and strategies for healthy eating in British Columbia.

About Healthy Weights

The Meaning of Healthy Weights in British Columbia is intended to provide a consistent understanding of healthy weights for the purpose of developing policy and strategies for promoting healthy weights in British Columbia.

Orientation to Canada’s New Food Guide

The B.C. Ministry of Health presents an orientation to Canada’s new food guide, which Health Canada released in January 2019.

This video provides an overview of the food guide for health professionals in B.C., including information from Health Canada about:

  • Revision process for the food guide
  • Key messaging and considerations
  • A suite of resources available online and those yet to come


This video also covers the next steps for implementing the new guidance in B.C. along with key contact information.

To learn more see the Ministry of Health’s Answers to Frequently Asked Questions for Health Professionals in BC.

Pediatric Nutrition Guidelines

The Pediatric Nutrition Guidelines are evidence-informed nutrition and feeding guidelines for healthy full-term infants and children from six months up to six years of age. The Guidelines are meant to assist health professionals in B.C. to provide high-quality care related to feeding, and identifying potential nutrition risk. The Guidelines also give health professionals more information on parental influences on eating habits, growth, infant feeding, food allergy prevention, high-iron foods and food safety.

Vitamin D Recommendations for Perinatal Women and Infants

The Vitamin D Recommendations for Perinatal Women and Healthy Term Infants (Birth – 1 year) paper discusses the current scientific evidence for vitamin D’s role in health. The paper supports health professionals in providing informed recommendations to ensure adequate vitamin D intakes for perinatal women and healthy, term infants. It also addresses information on sources of vitamin D in British Columbia.

The Practice Support Tool is a quick reference for health professionals. The tool helps health professionals provide informed recommendations to their clients / patients.


Factsheet Generator

The factsheet generator (FSG) is a tool that allows you to customize your own nutrition factsheets with standardized, evidence-based key messages and supporting messages. You can create factsheets on the following healthy eating topics: healthy weights, babies and toddlers, sodium, and sugary drinks.

Provincial Nutrition Resource Inventory

The Provincial Nutrition Resource Inventory is a collection of provincial healthy eating and nutrition related resources. Search or browse for evidence-informed healthy eating and nutrition resources.

Featured Program

Appetite to Play

Appetite for Play is an interactive workshop for early childhood providers to enhance knowledge, skills and confidence in creating childcare settings that support healthy eating, physical activity, food and physical literacy to promote healthy child development. The workshop is three hours in length and counts toward professional development credits for early childhood educators.

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